Sore? Stiff? Aching? Stressed? Can't relax?
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Expertise Includes:


  • Sports injuries and overtraining & rehab

  • Fighters' injuries

  • Arthritis relief

  • Relaxation (head
    aches/trouble sleeping)


  • Back and joint pain

  • Desk workers issues

  • Scar tissue

  • General aches, stiffness and immobility

  • Tech Neck !

  • Postural Issues

  • Tailored solutions including rehab / stretching and mobility progammes

What we do:

Sports Massage is our main focus.  It seeks to help a person with sorting out any aches, pains, dysfunctions or tensions that are affecting movement, relaxtion or sports performance.  A variety of techniques like soft tissue release, effleurage, petrisage, muscle energy techniques and stretching are used to get the client back to health and fitness. Osteopathic articualtions and manipulations can be part of our treatments.   Advice on recovery, stretching + training is also given.




D.R.T.  Deep Relaxation Technique is a cutting edge and unique therapy used at North West Sports Massage and Therapies.  It combines pressure point massage, deep breathing techniques from the martial arts and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques to engage the parasympathetic nervous system to cause a relaxation reflex.  This is a deeply relaxing experience and is ideal for anyone that suffers from stress, insomnia or an inability to relax.