We treat from various places across the North West and we adapt our treatments to suit you; we aim to treat the patient, not just the symptoms !

Next Generation Martial Arts


Close to Birkenhead Park and by special arrangement with head coach Paul Rimmer, we can book a session here for your treatment.  This is the premier MMA gym in the North West and has sites in Liverpool and Wirral teaching BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling and Thai Boxing.  Get along and see !




Unit 2, Trinity Street, Birkenhead, Wirral.



It's the door to the right of the Hot Yoga studio

Next Generation Gym Liverpool


We use the facilities here if it is nearer your home.  A great MMA gym you should check out anyway as it has excellent PT coaches and access to a variety of martial arts

Address:  Kempston Street, Liverpool, L3 6HE.




Frankby/Liverpool/Other sites:


If you are in the wirral you can come to our clinic in Frankby (Between the tunnel and Wet Kirby, easy to find).  Please call to check availability.

 If  you are central to Liverpool, then we can look at somewhere a bit closer.  As long as you are more comcerned about your health than venue, we have access to other facilities :-) .  Please call to check if we can accomodate.

Other clinics held in Stockport, Aintree and Ormskirk